Why Do You Work?

Why do you work? For the vast majority of people living in the US, that’s a silly question. Almost 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That means they work because they need the money to make rent this month and provide food for themselves and their family. Of...

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The Road Less Traveled (Lyft, Bus, Feet)

I met two friends at the Cheesecake Factory in San Mateo to celebrate a birthday and since there was going to be wine, I used Lyft to get from Redwood City (RWC) to San Mateo (SM). We all had a mighty fine time and my friends left and all of a sudden I realized I did...

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Don’t Turn Left at the Post Office

When you actively work to change the way you're thinking, you start to notice little things that are different from what they were earlier. The other day I had to run some errands. As per my long established thought patterns, I mapped out the most efficient route to...

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Surfing (and Life) Advice …

The other day, Beth and I were getting ready to go surfing. We've only been a few times since we've moved to Santa Cruz, but were looking forward to it. As we were peered down from the cliff top at the other surfers and checking out the waves, an old surfer dude said...

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There is No Poop Fairy

We take our little dog out for walks a few times a day. It's such a great excuse to stop doing whatever it is we are doing and get out and enjoy the outdoors. During our walks, we get to check out what's new in the neighborhood and talk to our new neighbors. There is...

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You Don’t Need to Beat Yourself Up

The past weekend we offered our Law of Resistance Workshop. Ten of us worked through a bunch of exercises to understand all about the resistance we create that gets in the way of getting what we want in life. It was a great experience and everyone learned together. It...

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How Quickly We Form Habits

We just moved into a new house. When we first moved in, to make the kitchen usable, we put things in drawers and cabinets to get them out of the boxes and someplace findable in the morning. After a few days, we got around to shifting various items based on how we...

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What’s Important to You?

How many times have you wanted to make a major change in your life, but were totally confused with where to start? We've lived that more than a couple times in our lives. The challenge becomes how to re-evaluate what's important to you with all the confusion, so you...

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What Are Your Labels?

How do you describe yourself? If someone asks you about yourself, what do you tell them? We use labels to describe things because it is so much easier to give a label rather than describe or understand the intricacies. For that reason, labels are easy and convenient,...

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Lost in the Woods?

"You’ve got to figure out who you are and what you want. I can’t do it for you, and I’m tired of waiting.” It’s the last part of what she said that scares me the most. Actually, the whole thing is scary. Jean’s been mad at me plenty of times before, but this time I...

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You Don’t Have to Do It

Do you ever feel stuck when you have to do something - and you don’t want to? What do you think about giving yourself permission not to do it? Whatever “it” is, you likely don’t have to do it. There might be repercussions, but that’s different from needing to do...

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