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by | Nov 20, 2022 | Experiences, Peter and Beth, Peter's Voice

As the last post for now, we thought we’d share a little bit about where You Can Choose originated.

You Can Choose is all about empowerment. The ability to choose is central to living a rewarding life. If someone else makes all of your choices for you, or you feel there is no free will, where’s the hope? What’s the point?

It feels like a long time ago, but I remember what it was like to feel hopeless and that life had little meaning. I was constantly struggling with depression. My life was hard.

I was lucky when I found the Seth books and a group of people to help me start to understand the immense power I have. And it’s not just me, we are all so much more powerful than we can even comprehend.

The greatest lesson I learned was ‘What I think about matters and I can choose what I think about.’

So simple and so powerful.

What I think about matters and I can choose what I think about. That means I’m in control. I’m not dependent on anyone else, and I don’t have to blame anyone else. It’s all about me.

It all starts with your ability and choice to choose.

Every moment of every day you get to choose how to think, feel, and behave. Recognizing the ability you have further empowers you to do more and more.

It is this self-empowerment that enables you to free yourself from fear.

When you truly realize you are at the center of your life and you have a direct impact on all you experience, there is little room to worry about what might happen.

As the producer, director, actor, and audience of your own play, there is nothing to be fearful of.

You can’t get it wrong, because it’s all for you, it’s all about you.

I use the phrase, ‘You Can Choose’ as a mantra for my life.

The trick is to fully embrace it and not just choose when it’s convenient or choose when things are going well.

Keep choosing.

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