Roles, Changing Again?

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

Many times in our lives we make changes to the roles we are in. Sometimes it’s a new job, sometimes a new relationship. Or the role may be one we’ve been in before, but the players and place have changed.

Regardless of how the roles and circumstances have changed, we have to change to begin to effectively perform in that new role.

But what if we find ourselves in a role we’ve performed in, but we’ve changed significantly since we last had that role? I find myself in that place today.

As we begin building this new company, I know I have made many shifts in myself for the better. But how will those changes play out in this new role I fill as we create this company?

Will I be able to maintain this new part of me that I’ve been working on, or will I revert back to the old habits? I’ll admit, I’m not sure and a bit concerned I’ll regress to the old familiar behaviors.

As I move forward, I think one of my trusted actions will be to use the Hawaiian Prayer and make sure I take a moment when I feel like the old familiar will become my default automatic reaction.

Only by moving ahead with my chosen life will I be able to tell how I do. But one thing I know for sure is I can choose every moment of every day!

Stay tuned!

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