About You Can Choose

Beth and I started YCC after overcoming a very trying couple of years. I was suffering from depression, and our company was nearly bankrupt. It seemed that all the good things that happened earlier in our lives were ending.

At that point, when we were at our lowest, we questioned everything. Whatever we were doing wasn’t working, and something had to change. We started reading and studying about the power of our thoughts. As we did, we began to realize that our thoughts matter. Our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings make all the difference in the opportunities and experiences we have.

Both my parents were teachers. My father taught industrial arts, and my mother taught home economics. I know the best way to learn is to teach. We wrote the book You Can Choose and started our blog because we want to keep learning. We learn from every post we write and from every comment we get from you.

When we take time to reflect on our experiences and write them down, it gives us an opportunity to better understand our thinking. We are convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what we think, what we believe and how we feel is reflected back to us. It comes back to us in the people we meet, the experiences we have and the life we live.

Taking time to think about what we think about is why we write. Every day brings us new insights on how the world works.

Like everyone, we are on a journey of growth and expansion. Every moment is an opportunity to learn and create.

We hope you enjoy being on this journey as much as we do.