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Don’t Dwell!

When I put a post out here for you to read, I don’t like to tell you to do something. Recently I spent time at Purdue talking to lots of people about my experiences since graduation, and I found myself sharing a couple of things I wouldn’t recommend doing. Dwelling on something you did and later wished you did something…

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So Many Leadership Opportunities for Women!

Leadership has many forms. There is positional leadership, situational leadership, charismatic leadership and many others. Google the word, and you will find not only definitions but all kinds of resources available to leaders. Skill building, mentoring, speaking opportunities and the list goes on. Today there is a chance for women to step into various leadership roles that have been ‘off…

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What are your Micro-Choices?

Micro-choices are the quick, almost automatic reactions we have to what we encounter throughout the day. We make micro-choices all the time, and they have a huge impact on our lives. Our micro-choices set us off on a cycle of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. This cycle keeps us focused on our choice. For example, if I see a new car,…

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Are You Self Aware?

I’ve been reading and thinking about what it means to be self-aware. On the surface, it means to be aware of yourself. From the You Can Choose perspective, it means realizing all your choices are reflected back to you in your experiences. It means every experience you have is because of you. And when I say you, I mean the…

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Three Steps to be Happier

Beth and I chose to be happier by following a simple three-step process. 1. We first decided we wanted to be happier 2. We started paying attention to how often we were happy 3. We chose to change our thinking when we were not happy This three-step process is foolproof. Decide to be Happier The first step is super easy.…

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