Do You Speak Up?

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Experiences, Peter's Voice

Last week we wrote about the importance of taking inspired action. 

When you choose to take action you move forward. It’s a way to go beyond where you currently are and make a commitment in a certain direction.   You are empowering yourself when you do this.

But sometimes you’re not ready to take action.  Perhaps you haven’t quite decided what to do, or now is not the right time to do it.  Sometimes what you need to do isn’t an action at all but to say something to someone.

Saying things to yourself is one thing, but that might not be enough.  Just because it’s running around in your head doesn’t mean anyone knows what you’re thinking.

Sometimes what you have to say is harder than doing something.

Maybe what you need to say is, “I’m sorry,” or “This is what I want,” or “I need help,” or “I love you.”

In the same way, taking inspired action empowers you, saying what you need to say is just as empowering.  By not saying something that needs to be said, you’re holding yourself back.

For example, when you don’t say “you’re sorry” all the energy around the situation that you’re sorry for stays pent-up. It doesn’t have a chance to be released and you end up stuck where you are.

If you are afraid to speak up, ask yourself, “why?”

Consider the pluses and minuses of saying what you want, then focus on the positives to move forward with your words. Speaking up may feel uncomfortable for a short period, but contrast that with holding on to what you know needs expressing.

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