Anxiety at Balboa Park
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My Anxiety as a Motivator

I used to get anxious all the time. Sometimes I’d wake up anxious. It felt like anxiety was just waiting for me to open my eyes so it could join me for the day. Those were difficult days because I couldn’t identify the source. I just woke up and bam! It was there, and I felt powerless to do anything…

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Little League
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Should you Celebrate Failure?

The other day, a friend of mine said we should have a group that helps us celebrate failure. We have all types of ways to celebrate success, but we bury failure. When she mentioned it, I initially thought it was a good idea. But something didn’t feel right. We kept talking and then I finally figured it out. The whole…

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Impossible? Maybe Not

The word ‘impossible’ doesn’t belong in your vocabulary, just like the word ‘perfect’ I discussed in an earlier post. It’s another word that limits your thinking and ability to achieve what you desire. If you think about it, the word ‘impossible’ is often associated with Herculean feats of some kind or dreaming of something that seems out of reach. What…

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European Country Road
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Life is about the Journey

There are two steps to getting what you want. First, know what you want. Once you know what that is, you just need to prepare yourself to receive it. This is the hardest part. We become impatient. As we wait, we constantly measure our progress and often ignore all the progress we make because it doesn’t look like what we…

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Planner Scheduler
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Being A Planner/Scheduler Of Your Life Is A Terrible Way To Live

Opportunity Cost. It’s a basic business term defined by The New Oxford American Dictionary as “the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.” When you live your life with everything planned out to the Nth degree, you close off other opportunities that could come your way. You miss out on things you can never know…

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