Drama, Drama, Drama!! What Feelings Do You Want?

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

As I work through the multiple layers of anxiety I’ve built up over many years, I realized I need to use different tools. I use one tool and then it seems to be less effective over time so I switch to another one.

Tapping is one I’ve used with much success (https://www.webmd.com/balance/what-is-eft-tapping ), the Hawaiian Prayer is another (https://youtu.be/91CdQcKkCJU).

Today I want to talk about answering the ‘what do you want’ question with a very specific vision of the future.

I’m experimenting with answering the question of ‘what do I want’ from an emotional perspective rather than a physical one. I focus on the feelings I want to have in my future instead of the ‘things’ I want.

The difference is to ‘visualize’ the emotional experience of the dream I’m creating for myself instead of the ‘what does it look like’ dream. I consistently default to the ‘look like’ dream and it’s taking some shifts in my thinking to pay attention to the emotional aspects.

For example, say I have an upcoming event with friends or family. When I visualize the event, I fall into the habit of feeling the old emotions coming up when I talk to certain people. The same buttons get pushed and the same reactions ensue. Drama, drama, drama.

So, instead of thinking about who is there or what gets said, I think about the way I will feel when I see certain people or they say certain things.

Not defaulting to the historical emotions I’ve experienced in the situations vs. the emotions I want to have in the same situations is what’s taking some effort on my part. Not impossible to do, but definitely requires some focus to keep from the default emotions.

My old emotions are going to remain there until I own them and release the negative energy they contain. Only after I deal with them can I see all the wonderful possibilities that my resistance is blocking.

I’ll keep you tied into my progress. I’d be interested in any experiences you might have had with doing this kind of work.

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