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3 Reasons to Offer Appreciation

Do you look for ways to offer appreciation? Offering appreciation, even going out of your way to do it, is a magical way to transform yourself and what’s around you. It can even make you happier. It’s worth the little to no effort it requires. I can’t say enough about appreciation. Appreciation, thankfulness, gratitude; they are such powerful emotional tools.…

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Money Magnet
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Become A Money Magnet

I’ve been frustrated the last couple weeks thinking about money. Yes, after working with my thoughts over the last couple years, I still get frustrated, especially about money. Do you have limiting beliefs about money? I have lots of beliefs about money, and they are usually limiting me in some fashion. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “You have to work…

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Why We Strive for Balance

When you learn to give without expecting anything in return, you can experience abundance without feeling the need to pay. I love this concept. At its core is the concept of balance. All of us have a sense of balance. A sense of what is fair. We become uncomfortable when we see inequality. Our sense of fairness applies to what…

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Can You Feel Your Energy Flow?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how energy flows. I’m not talking about the energy to power lights or cars. I’m talking about the much more powerful and ever-present energy of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings – the energy that powers the Universe. Every once in a while, I get a sense of this energy. Like when I look at the…

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Anxiety at Balboa Park
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My Anxiety as a Motivator

I used to get anxious all the time. Sometimes I’d wake up anxious. It felt like anxiety was just waiting for me to open my eyes so it could join me for the day. Those were difficult days because I couldn’t identify the source. I just woke up and bam! It was there, and I felt powerless to do anything…

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