Are You at the Center?

by | Feb 27, 2022 | Observations, Peter's Voice

Back in the day, to find your way you had to pull out a paper map and use your finger to draw the path you wanted to take. After a while, you’d look on the map to see your progress as you moved across the town, city, or country you were trying to traverse.

Now, we use a GPS to get around. With the GPS, you stay in the center and the world moves around you. You can zoom in or zoom out on the map to see where you are going, but you remain at the center and the world seems to revolve around the little blue dot representing your position.

These are two very different ways to view your place in the world.

In the first, you are an unimportant speck that interacts with a predetermined landscape. The second shows you at the center and the world only exists because you are there to see it.

Which way do you perceive the world?

It might be a rhetorical question, but as with everything, your perspective is paramount.

If you think you move through the world, you see the world as something outside you. Something with its own rules and you have to play by them. It’s easy to be a victim and at the mercy of the whims of others.

If the world moves around you, it conforms to you. You are in charge and accountable for your life.

This is one of the key tenets of You Can Choose. You create the world around you through your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. You influence everything and nothing is random.

This is a big shift in thinking for many people. But it is immensely empowering when you realize all the influence you have over your life and experiences.

How do you see yourself?

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