The Universe Loves us

It is such a comforting thought, yet seems to contradict so much of what we see in the world today.

The Universe offers us love and non-judgmental support. It wants us to have the experiences we choose without an opinion of our choices.

What is the Universe? The Universe – with a capital U – is All That Is. Some think of the Universe as God or some other greater power.

The Universe is like God, but not like the God I grew up with as a kid

The Universe is not at all like the God I grew up learning about. The God I envisioned as a kid sat on a throne and passed judgment. He – and yes it was a large white man – had a set of rules and regulations I was supposed to follow. The rules were not clear and seemed arbitrary at times. I remember being confused about how a football game could be decided when both sides appealed to the same God to beat their opponent.

Universe vs. universe

The Universe is not limited to what we can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. When we think about the universe, we think about looking through a telescope into the sky to see the largest or looking through a microscope to see the smallest. The universe is big and impressive but pales in scope and complexity to the more comprehensive Universe.

Our five senses allow us to explore the universe with this narrow focus. However, by relying just on them, we fail to appreciate or understand the larger Universe. We can, however, use our intuition and other mindfulness practices to learn and explore more about the greater Universe.

While the physical universe we live in is composed of atoms and sub-atomic particles, each of those particles is a part of the Universe. Each has its own consciousness, it’s own desire for expansion and experience. We too, are composed of consciousness and are part of the Universe.

How does love fit into the Universe?

Love is such a charged word with so many different meanings. We love our parents. We love a new shirt. We make love. We love the reflection of the sun off the water as it sets. Our many uses of love is an indication of its depth, complexity, and power.

At the Universe level, the way to look at love is to see it as unconditional acceptance. When you feel the same way about a person, no matter what they do, that’s unconditional love or unconditional acceptance.

Love as unconditional acceptance knows no bounds and is without judgment. If you succeed fantastically or fail miserably, however you define it, the love and acceptance of the Universe remains strong, unfazed and constant.

The other day, a friend of mine told me about how his child accidentally shocked himself by inserting a car key into the electric outlet. Ouch.

Everyone was okay, but as he was talking to me, he was telling me about the experience without a hint of judgment or anger towards his small child. That’s often the way it is with parents and their children. Helping, encouraging, and enjoying them as they go about creating their own set of experiences.

The Universe offers us that same type of love and acceptance with even more patience and excitement.

The Universe wants us to succeed

Regardless of what we want to do, the universe has our back. If we want to become rich and powerful and we have the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to make that happen, the Universe is fully supportive.

If we dislike ourselves or think the world is out to get us, the Universe will help us achieve that reality as well.

The great thing about all this is you can choose. You can choose what you want and the Universe will help you achieve it.

Have you taken the time to figure out what you want? Are you making choices to help you get there? Let us know.