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Perfect Doesn’t Belong In Your Vocabulary

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In the past, I often thought about how challenging life is. It was often accompanied by a thought comparing it to what a ‘perfect’ life would look like.

Countless experiences I had in the past were ‘imperfect’ because I had a particular way I would view the experience. It had to have a certain ending, and If it didn’t occur the way I expected it to, I considered it a waste of time and was often disappointed. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize the limits I was putting on myself because I had such a narrow view of success.

By limiting myself to predefined outcomes, I missed out on the joy of a different result with an unexpectedly pleasant ending. Not pre-set in a ‘perfect’ way.

Today, I don’t bother with that kind of thinking. ‘Perfect’ doesn’t fit in my vocabulary anymore.

Why? ‘Perfect’ implies static and unchanging. A wonderful, exciting life is dynamic and always changing.

Think about it. What you desire changes with your life experiences. A ‘perfect’ job for you yesterday is probably not the same as a ‘perfect’ job today. So why keep using the word ‘perfect’?

My past includes lots of definitions of a ‘perfect’ something. Houses, jobs, bosses, friends and much more with the word ‘perfect’ attached to it.


These words are better to describe an evolving view of something you want to experience each day.

Today I like to think of what I want to happen and be open to all the possibilities of how it could show up. I define what I want more by how it will feel when I get it. Not what it will look like.

Define what you want in your life. ‘Perfect’ closes off the extraordinary possibilities that can occur with an even better ending than you can imagine with a narrow definition.

‘Perfect’ doesn’t need to have a place in your vocabulary anymore.

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