‘Like Attracts Like’ describes how similar things are attracted to one another. It is the Law of Attraction at work.

The good thing about ‘Like Attracts Like,’ is you get more of what you like. The rich get richer and if you are happy, you can be happier. The downside is the poor get poorer, and if you are sad or angry, you tend to get sadder or angrier.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself. Trying to clear old blockages and resistance from my mind and body. Its been an intensive period of introspection and work. I’ve had quite a bit of success using a combination of Meditation, Family Constellations, and EFT/Tapping.

The work I’ve done has resulted in some significant changes for me. Some of the improvements are big, and others are small. I am learning to pay attention to the changes I’ve made, and in doing so I find it challenging, but fun.

It’s incredible how fast things change when we change our thinking. Before doing this work, it’s never been so apparent to me, or maybe I’ve not been as aware as I am now.

One of the surprising changes for me are the people who are now in my life.

Since I began working on myself a few weeks ago, four new people have come into my life. Each of them brought with them new and exciting opportunities. In addition, a couple of people I interacted with years ago are now back in my life.

I’m not able to figure out why they are all here, but I do know they all represent opportunities I have been thinking about recently. I can imagine how each of them may be able to help me reach my goals.

The fun part is to notice they are here and be open to what happens next. Learning to be open to ‘whatever’ is another important change in my thinking.

It takes practice not to want to know everything and try to control what happens next. The idea of just being aware, appreciating the moment, and looking forward to what may come, is a unique experience for me. And as a result, I now find myself more in the flow of life.

Being in the flow takes so much pressure off me. It’s like the difference between paddling a canoe upstream and just floating along as you travel downstream.

If only we can learn to notice when we are paddling and when we are floating. If you make changes supporting what you want and stay open to the possibilities, you can float to any destination you desire.

For changes to take place in your life, it requires you to actually change.

There are many ways to change, but the only one that really matters is when you change your thoughts and beliefs. When you change those, the world around you changes because ‘Like Attracts Like.’

What about you – do you recognize what you are attracting? Is it what you want to attract? Are you interested in changing what you attract?

If so, choose to stay with us on our journey as we continue to learn and share.