This is our 52nd weekly post!

We’ve been sending out our newsletter for one full year, and it’s cause for celebration.

It got us to thinking, when is something big enough to celebrate?

You don’t want to go around needlessly celebrating. I mean what would life be like if you celebrated each minor accomplishment, milestone, or event? It would be like one continuous celebration of life. Who wants that?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate each and every day of life?

For some reason, we choose to save up our celebrations for the ‘big things.’

What is a celebration? Isn’t it the same as gratitude or appreciation. A celebration is taking time to acknowledge and be thankful for what has happened.

This past weekend we went to a Halloween party. It was a big event with nearly a hundred people. People were dressed as witches, devils, secret agents, spies, pharaohs and a myriad of other interesting costumes. Some of the costumes were quite elaborate. There were even groups of people who coordinated their outfits including the band who performed as musical zombies.

The music was lively, and most of the party-goers were up on the expansive dance floor having a good time. People were dancing and playing around. Since we were all in costume, it felt easy to drop our inhibitions and have fun. Sometimes that’s what it takes to feel comfortable celebrating.

We decided a couple of months ago we would celebrate one year of sending out our newsletter. We are meeting with our blog group and will pop open a bottle of champagne or sparkling water. It will be a chance to think back on the accomplishments and appreciate our new direction, doing a different kind of work, the great feedback we’ve received and lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Maybe we’ll celebrate again next week after we send the newsletter. Why not, there really is no need to wait a whole year to celebrate.