DMV Going with the Flow
Experiences, Peter&Beth

What not to do at the DMV

The other day, I had to visit the California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to update my driver’s license. Even though I set an appointment months ago, I was concerned I’d have to wait for hours. The DMV has been in the news quite a bit lately. The paper has run a number of features and editorials about the radically…

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Five by Five Empowerment Tool
Peter&Beth, Tool

The YCC 5×5 Empowerment Tool

We’ve come up with a new tool to increase your ability to live the life you choose. You can use this tool whenever you start to question yourself. Use it when thoughts of doubt or worry creep in. The YCC 5×5 Empowerment Tool is made up of 5 statements. For each statement, you provide specific, detailed examples of why the…

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Wonder Woman and Superman
Experiences, Observations, Peter&Beth

What Would Superman or Wonder Woman Do?

The other day, we were talking about the power of our beliefs and someone mentioned they’ve found tremendous power in changing their beliefs by imagining they are someone else. They don’t do it all the time, but when they are facing a new or challenging situation they’ve found it really helps. Asking the question, “What would Superman or Wonder Woman…

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Handbook on Life
From the YCC book, Peter&Beth, Workshop

Handbook on Life

One of the most fundamental concepts we believe in is the power of our beliefs. Beliefs influence everything in our lives, from how we interpret people and events to our ability to manipulate the world. Our set of beliefs is like a handbook. Google’s definition of a handbook is “a book giving information such as facts on a particular subject…

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