As an entrepreneur, your network is critical to your success. As a woman, community with other women is just as important.

The world is in major flux. All kinds of change is happening, everywhere.

Today there is a new landscape that’s evolving from a past of limits, placed on women by institutions of all kinds. All of those institutions are run by men. Much of the world is slowly beginning to understand the challenges women have had to deal with, often in silence.

It is so amazing for me to see women from all walks of life coming together to share experiences and begin the long process of building a better future. For everyone.

Building Community

It wasn’t always that way…

One of the most defeating moments I had in the early years of my career occurred when I recognized senior women didn’t support me in my career as I thought they would. I suddenly understood I was on my own to figure out how to succeed. Asking questions of my male peers often was met with quizzical glances, wondering why I would ask such simple questions.

What they didn’t understand were the different experiences I had in the very same workplace. I needed a Girl Club. Other women who would guide me in my career.

Today women of different backgrounds, ages and experiences are beginning to build community with each other. It’s in these new communities where women are finding the strength to open up about the difficulties they face. Just as important, women are benefiting from the energy reinforced among each other. When one gains, all celebrate, and the energy builds.

These new communities of women will be essential to handle the inevitable backlash that will come from people who are going to push back against the changes needed in the workplace, in healthcare, and elsewhere as women step into their own.

Who’s in your Girl Club?

Are you part of a network of women? Join multiple networks of women. Moms. Professional peers. Neighbors. Just make sure you’re connected to other women.

There’s strength in numbers. It’s just too hard to do it on your own.