The other day, we were talking about the power of our beliefs and someone mentioned they’ve found tremendous power in changing their beliefs by imagining they are someone else.

They don’t do it all the time, but when they are facing a new or challenging situation they’ve found it really helps.

Asking the question, “What would Superman or Wonder Woman do?” in a situation is a very powerful tool. It allows you to take on a new and different perspective.

Doing the same thing will give you the same results

We tend to approach things the same way we’ve done in the past. Of course, when we do it that way, we get the same result. If however, we pause and ask what would someone else do, like Superman or Wonder Woman, we’re no longer limited in our approach. We can shake it up and take on their persona, superpowers and all!

By asking what would Superman, Wonder Woman, or any powerful figure do, you essentially supersize yourself. You equate yourself with this powerful figure and become powerful yourself.

When you take on the persona of someone else, even for a few minutes, you change. You give yourself permission to change how you think, act, and respond. You see and feel things differently as well.

You can even temporarily change some of your beliefs. If you can believe you are Wonder Woman, what else can you believe! You can free yourself from beliefs that limit you from achieving what you want.

The more you question and challenge your beliefs, the more you can choose the beliefs you want to reinforce and which ones you want to minimize. Our limiting beliefs hold us back. They overpower what we think.

Assuming superpowers can change your view of yourself

Several years ago, when I was dealing with the lawsuit at our company, I could have greatly benefited from being someone other than who I was at the time. It was only later on, as we were successfully selling the company, that I was able to imagine myself as a successful businessman. I would look at pictures of people smiling as they shook hands after closing the deal. Not quite Superman, but it helped me tremendously.

When you think like you’re someone else, you change the narrative going on in your head

Dressing up for a costume party, you get to play that character. You free yourself up from acting like you’re “supposed” to. If I dress up like the HULK and put on those green fists, I am so strong!

This same type of transformation happens when you ask the question: What would Wonder Woman or Superman do? You take on their attitude and some of their mannerisms. Not that you need to leap tall buildings or have superhuman speed, but thinking like you can is a very powerful tool.

Almost everything we do is filtered through our sets of beliefs. They operate like a handbook that guides us through our daily interactions. If we don’t question what we’ve written in our handbook, we blindly follow the rules and policies we’ve established.

We have the ability to change our beliefs. We can do this gradually with small adjustments or make quick changes when we get new information.

By pretending we are someone else, we can quickly change our perspective and how we view our self. We can become more and more like them and step away from our limiting beliefs.

Give it a try

When you find yourself in a new or difficult situation, think about what Superman or Wonder Woman would do. Notice how your perspective changes for the better!