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The Universe Doesn’t Need My Help After All


I was reminded again how everything works out when I know what I want, and allow it to happen.

Beth and I traveled to Denver to visit family over the Christmas holiday.

When we landed, we had 40 minutes to get from the gate, pick up our bags and get to the shuttle that left at 10:30. We’d have to hustle to make it. I intended to have more time, but when I made the shuttle reservations, I forgot about the time zone change.

As we made the long trip to the baggage claim, I started to think, “Okay, the universe will make the timing work. Don’t worry. Focus on what I want, not what I don’t want.”

But my nature is to worry and to hustle to make sure we catch the shuttle.

We got to the luggage claim and waited. And waited. Finally at 10:23 I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. The universe needs my help. How could it possibly figure things out and get us to the shuttle on time?

I left Beth to watch for the bags and ran out to the shuttle to ask if they would wait just a few minutes for us. The driver said, “No, we leave on time. We leave at 10:30”.


“And, we have five people on the wait list in case you can’t make it on time.” The driver said cheerfully.

Double bummer.

So I hustled back through the slush and snow to the baggage carousel. Still no bags. Ugh.

I resigned to missing the shuttle. It was 10:29.

Then the bags showed up. All three of our bags were in the first batch. I looked at my watch: it was after 10:30.

We jogged out through the snow and slush to the shuttle. They were finished loading the bags and everyone, including the five people waiting, were already onboard. Were our seats still available?

The driver smiled when he saw me and said: “Drop your bags at the back and jump on board.”

They had just enough room for us.

We made it!

Silly me. The universe didn’t need me to jump in and ‘help’ For some reason I need to keep learning that the universe takes care of everything. I just need to know what I want and allow it to do its thing.

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