We’ve come up with a new tool to increase your ability to live the life you choose.

You can use this tool whenever you start to question yourself. Use it when thoughts of doubt or worry creep in.

The YCC 5×5 Empowerment Tool is made up of 5 statements. For each statement, you provide specific, detailed examples of why the sentence is correct.

Unlike many affirmations people use, this tool works because you believe what you are saying and you back up those beliefs with specifics for yourself.

Give it a try.

Here are the Five statements. Say each one out loud and give specific, concrete examples.

  • I Am Satisfied Now – I know my satisfaction is a result of my previous thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.
    • Give five reasons you are satisfied now.
  • I Choose What I Want – I know I can choose what I want from a limitless menu.
    • List five things that would make your life even better.
  • I Am Powerful – I remember many of my achievements and challenges I’ve overcome.
    • List five recent accomplishments of any significance, large or small.
  • I Know The Universe Provides – I trust myself to communicate to the Universe what I want.
    • List five examples of how the Universe seems to work like magic.
  • I Am Grateful – I have so much to appreciate and choose to focus on what I like.
    • Smile and remember five things for which you are grateful.

This list works because each of the five steps serves a specific purpose. Used together, they settle you and empower you to move forward. Use them in the order we’ve listed above and don’t skip any of the steps.

The first statement – I Am Satisfied Now, is crucial because it allows you to be present. You shift your thinking from whatever or where ever it was to focus on right now and what you like about now. Your energy will shift away from wanting and being unsettled. If you are truly satisfied, you don’t need anything more.

To reinforce this statement, list at least five specific things you are satisfied with right now. These should be in the space you’re experiencing right now. For example, you might list that you’re satisfied reading this material, you’re satisfied with how comfortable your chair is or you are satisfied with the quietness in the room. Be very specific, making it personal and present.

The second step – I Choose What I Want, acknowledges there is always more. Wanting more is a good thing. You are meant to expand your understanding and experience life. This is in contrast to selfishness, which people see negatively.

To reinforce this statement, go ahead and ask for what you want. List up to five things that would make your life even better. You’ve already acknowledged that you are satisfied with where you are right now and this is your chance to clarify what more you want now. Asking is only one of the five steps – there is no need to ask constantly.

The third step – I Am Powerful, is to recognize that you are powerful. You’ve accomplished everything in your life. Maybe everything hasn’t gone according to your plans, but you’ve been the one behind it all. It’s been your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that have created your life.

To reinforce this statement, remember at least five things you’ve accomplished recently. They don’t have to be big accomplishments. Life is made up of minutes, and you can enjoy and celebrate each one. In fact, you should!

The fourth step – I Know The Universe Provides, reminds us the Universe has your back. You don’t have to figure out all the details or worry how things are going to work out. Your job is to figure out what you want and let the Universe deal with the how. Let go! This is where the Universe does its job and you don’t want to get in the way!

To reinforce this statement, think of five things that demonstrate the miraculous energy of the Universe. This can be something beautiful you’ve witnessed recently, or maybe some ideas that came to you from seemingly nowhere.

The fifth step – I Am Grateful, is to acknowledge all the good things in your life. Gratitude and appreciation simplify and accelerate everything in the Universe. When you have an attitude of gratitude, you set yourself up for more joyous events and interactions. Effortlessly.

To reinforce this statement, think of at least five things you are grateful about right now. Expand your understanding of gratitude. Recognize and be thankful for the challenges and setbacks you’ve overcome. Realize those challenges have contributed to what makes you unique and who you are today.

Try taking 15 minutes to do this each day or when you feel a need to change the trajectory of your life.