It’s the Golden State Warriors slogan, but it is something that we can all benefit from. I know there is absolutely no way I would have made it through this whole cancer and recovery journey without the strength I’ve gained from others along with me on the trip.

Last night I had a good, but nervous time watching the NBA Finals game (sorry Cleveland fans, but I am an avid teamwork fan and the Warriors are the epitome of a team). As I was walking this morning I thought about how at the end of the game when the Warriors were down, I remember thinking, ‘just stay in the game’, ‘hold the course’, but I also know for myself how hard that is to do.

Earlier in the year as I was struggling to think about cancer and Beth in the same sentence, I realized I had to understand why I couldn’t think about the two words together. In fact, I have a pathology report to confirm I had cancer, but even now I struggle to think about myself as a cancer survivor. It doesn’t fit the paradigm I have of myself.

If I begin to think about this more broadly, how many other thoughts do I have about myself that are not relevant, or even current for my life today? Now that’s worth some time to think about…