Right now is your powerful point of impact.

Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Not 10 minutes from now. Not 10 minutes ago. It’s Right Now!

We send out energy all the time. Not a minute goes by without some kind of thought. What you send out now via your thoughts, is what you will experience now and going forward. If it isn’t, you can change it.

I ride bicycles regularly. It’s a wonderful form of mediation for me. One day I was out relatively early on a weekend to get a quick ride in before the day began. I was riding down a hill at a good pace, 30+ mph when I noticed a group of riders gathering at an intersection at the bottom of the hill in anticipation of turning left. I remember thinking, ‘someone is going to try to turn front of me and potentially cause an accident!’ In fact, that’s exactly what happened! Frustration and anger surged inside me, ‘I had the right of way and I yelled at them to let them know I was going fast!’

Later in the ride, the exact same thing happened. Riders cut in front of me as I passed through another intersection. “What are you doing cutting in front of me!” I yelled. The rider screamed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!” I’m sorry isn’t going to prevent an accident, I fumed as I continued to ride down the road.

The next couple miles I continued to curse the people who cut in front of me as I pounded on the pedals. I felt the anger continue to build and then I said to myself, ‘Wait, Beth, what are you doing? What kind of a bike ride do you want to have today, a fun and relaxing one or one filled with this anger?’

I immediately stopped my negative thinking when I realized my frustration and anger was going to ruin the rest of the ride. Bike rides are my special time to unwind – not to get all wound up with anger and frustration.

The next day, I had a revelation. If I had said to myself, ‘Those people are going to wait for me to pass before they cross the intersection,’ they would have waited. I created the unsafe situation with my thinking! The Universe simply made it happen. The moment of impact was immediate and my thinking was a great example of the Power of Now.

Today, when I go for a ride, I think to myself, ‘All traffic, including cars, bikes, and pedestrians, will flow around me during the ride.’ I don’t get tied up in negative feelings if things get tight with traffic. Reminding myself of this allows me to remain in a relaxed mindset and enjoy the ride regardless of the situations I’ll encounter.

To make a change in your life, change your thinking.

Look at the kinds of thoughts you spend your time thinking about – are they positive or negative?

Look at the experiences you are having – are they positive or negative? Is there a consistency between them?

You can have an immediate impact by observing the types of thoughts you think. If they are not the kind you want, change them to the kind you do want.

No need to worry about the past – that’s over. No need to worry about the future – you have yet to create it.

Right Now is your powerful point of impact.

If you want to experience something different than what you typically experience, you need to change your everyday thinking. Take the time to listen to what goes on in your head.

Ask yourself if it is the way you want to experience your life. If not, change your thinking because everything flows from Right Now, your powerful point of impact!