Leadership has many forms. There is positional leadership, situational leadership, charismatic leadership and many others. Google the word, and you will find not only definitions but all kinds of resources available to leaders. Skill building, mentoring, speaking opportunities and the list goes on.

Today there is a chance for women to step into various leadership roles that have been ‘off limits’ for too many years. We’ve seen it occur in visible broadcasting roles, in Hollywood after women came forward to speak openly about Harvey Weinstein and it is now starting to happen well beyond the borders of the United States.

Having worked with many different leaders, in many different situations as well as being in various leadership roles myself, I have a wish for other women.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!!

Women need to be willing to step into leadership roles that present themselves and head up the needed changes. These opportunities may not seem like much at the very beginning. With the fast pace of change today, these opportunities can be fashioned into something that reflects the new leader and the change they want to create.

When I look at the year that has taken place since the Women’s March in early 2017, the collective energy that started there has begun to transform into energy in different areas. Voter registration and generating interest among women to take part in government are a couple of the more visible ones. Powered by the Me Too movement, momentum is building to create many more leadership opportunities.

Be the leader in your own life!

Do you get frustrated by something in particular? Are there aspects of the future you see for yourself you don’t like? Be the leader of that change. For yourself.

I remember being so burnt out after working in large companies, that by the time I left my last job, I didn’t want to go back to work for someone else. We had recently relocated to Silicon Valley and realized the local industry was startups. We decided to jump off the cliff and start our own company. It was a scary step for us, but we both knew we needed to make some significant changes at that time in our life.

We decided to take a leadership role in our own lives.

Do you take a leadership role in your life?