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Life is about the Journey

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There are two steps to getting what you want. First, know what you want. Once you know what that is, you just need to prepare yourself to receive it.

This is the hardest part. We become impatient. As we wait, we constantly measure our progress and often ignore all the progress we make because it doesn’t look like what we asked for.

It seems as if we are just wasting time until we achieve our goal. But what if it’s not?

Life is not about achieving one goal after another. Life is about the journey.

Achieving our goal is nice, but the journey is what makes life exciting.

Sure, you might be saying, just give me that new job, new relationship, or new house then I’ll start to appreciate my life’s journey.

That’s not how it works. 🙁

You’ve already achieved so much in your life. Each of your achievements came as a result of a journey. Looking back, how fulfilling would your life be if you were just handed your achievements? You are who you are because of your journeys.

Your journeys shouldn’t be passive. Your inspired action is required. Your journey is made of countless choices. Be present and make your choices in the moment, based on what seems like the right choice. Notice the little things and you will see the progress.

Like your other achievements, the journey will reveal itself as you go. If you are like me, the final path is not even close to the planned one. Being present allows you to adapt.

Stay open to possibilities. They will show up in far greater number than you can imagine.

If you clearly know what you want, you will achieve it in due time as your journey unfolds before you moment by moment.

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