Yesterday I had my colonoscopy. Contrary to what I thought I remembered, I was supposed to have one in five years. Right now. The coincidence with cancer was just my imagination…unrelated apparently per the doctor.

Well, that’s a relief of some kind, but the interesting part for me was the comparison of the experiences of going in for surgery earlier this year and a procedure I had already had.

I noticed I was more in ‘observation mode’ than ‘get info’ mode. I found myself talking with the nurses about my procedure earlier this year and wondering if there was anything related between the two. No, there wasn’t in terms of my health, but I also knew when everything was over in a couple hours, I would be back home in my cancer wear. Those black pants and tee shirts that were washed twice a week, because I didn’t have anything else I could wear.

What was I so concerned about? The prep work? For sure. In that case, surgery was way easier. Not so much the head games you can play, though. Particularly the sign I saw on the wall, Surgical Oncology, as I walked the halls of the hospital after surgery.

Today I’m back on the bike for a short ride again today. I need some sunshine.