Yes, today is the day of ‘cleansing’ or whatever you call no eating of solid food. This colonoscopy is, I suspect, a direct result of the cancer. Since the cancer was in the same region as the colon, I’m sure they decided it was time to do one of these again, UGH.

I had one several years ago and everything was good. I didn’t need to have one for 10 years. Mind you, I knew exactly when I would have to get another one and it wasn’t THIS soon.

Now, out of the other side of my head, I’m thinking, ‘you’re lucky the cancer was caught early and this is just a follow up to make sure there isn’t something else to catch early as well.’ Somehow I’m sure the end justifies the means, but my stomach will consider it irrelevant very shortly.

I’ve already put my husband on notice that I’m probably not going to be the best company for the next 24 hours. He promptly noted that he would find something else to do elsewhere. Good for both of us. Told him to take the dog too. No reason to subject him to my frustrations…

I’m still going for a ride this morning. No reason not to wear myself out. I’ll just be drinking lot of fluids and parking myself next to the bathroom for the next day anyway. Maybe I’ll be slimmer and trimmer…@#%^$&?