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Why we chose to build YCC

Beth Bostwick Peter Bostwick

Both Peter and I have been through lots of life experience, just like you.  When we recently reached a turning point for ourselves this last year, we started to look back at our experiences and consider where we wanted to go forward.

Some history.  A couple years ago we hit a tough spot with our company.  We were sued by our largest customer.  It caused great strife for both of us, but Peter was most impacted because he has struggled with depression in the past.  The combination of the lawsuit and depression made life pretty difficult for us, but as with all difficult issues we face in life, there is an upside.  Ours was discovering the power of our thoughts.

It was during this challenging time Peter came to me one day and said: “I think I’ve found something I can’t find fault with the logic.”  This was coming from someone who walks out of movies with reasons why the story doesn’t work.  Ruins the movie and misses the point of entertainment, but nonetheless, my ears perked up and I realized I should start paying attention.  He had spent many hours at night when he couldn’t sleep discovering how important his thoughts were in creating his life experiences.   There were many different materials he read that came at it from different angles, but they all had the same message – Your thinking is key to the life you lead.

For the last year, we have spent a great deal of time observing our thoughts.  We’ve also gone back to examine various events in our lives to see how our thinking may have impacted the outcomes in retrospect.  Not surprisingly, we’ve found lots of connections.

Over lunch one day about a year ago.  We were talking about how his thinking about himself has evolved since he began to understand the power of his thoughts.  As I sat across the table from him, I suddenly realized that this was a HUGE issue for women.  We take ourselves out of the game before we’re even in it and it’s often because of our thinking.

When I mentioned it to Peter, he pulled out his phone and I just started to list all the ways I and other women have limited our lives because of our own thinking.  After about a half hour of just putting thoughts to phone, I began to recognize this was a problem that had truly global implications.  Women make up roughly half the population around the world.

What if we could help women to begin to think differently about themselves and others?  What about other groups of people?  We began to realize that everyone could benefit from understanding more about how their thoughts matter and it could help people begin to see the world in a way that benefits them.  It was with that realization that we started down the road to building You Can Choose…


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