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Changing Lights

Traffic light

Recently I had a free day to get out on my bicycle. It was almost 30 days since I last rode and that was getting to be too long. Between getting sick with a bad cold, darker, colder days and holiday travel, I just couldn’t get out.

Finally, I had my chance. All the holiday stuff was put away, and I had this beautiful sunny day to do as I wished. Out came the bike and cold weather gear. As quickly as I could, I put on the multiple layers required of someone with frostbitten toes and earlobes. I didn’t bother to text my usual cycling partners because I didn’t know when I would get out.

Soon I was in front of the house setting my bike monitor and took off. As I left, it seemed unusually quiet with little car traffic and no one walking around the neighborhood. No matter. I was out, at last, wind in my face and the streets to myself.

As I rode through town, I decided I would take my time and not push myself for lights, cars, and other things that inevitably come up on a ride. I came up to the railroad tracks I cross to get out of town and could see the large construction project at the corner a couple of blocks ahead had taken over the bike lane. It is right at the big intersection I had to cross.

As I carefully rolled over the railroad tracks, ahead, I could see the traffic lights were green. No big deal, I thought to myself, I would take my time and the lights would be whatever color they were when I got there.

As I approached the intersection, the lights remained green. I’ve ridden through this intersection hundreds of times and have a pretty good sense of their timing, so as I got closer I decided to pick up the pace a bit to see if I could make it. I entered the intersection looking up anticipating yellow, but they stayed green.

As I cross the intersection, I see a cyclist in front of me; I notice bright orange near the handlebars. My friend rides with bright orange lobster gloves to keep her hands warm. I pick up my speed and recognize the color of their cycling jacket. Yep, the same color as her’s. The next intersection we approach I decide to follow her if she turns right and surprise her.

Around the corner, she goes with me right on her tail. “Happy New Year” I shout as I ride up beside her. Surprise and happiness is everywhere. As we approach another of my cycling friends meeting her for the ride, she announces “Guess what I found along the way!”

The light that didn’t change and allowed me to cross the major intersection was my gift to myself to go out for a fun ride with my cycling friends.

I’m beginning to purposefully choose to create the life I want.

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