These days we are bombarded with opinions. Everyone has a point of view and a driving need to share it. More than share it, they need to convince you.

There are seem to be only two sides to every issue.

One side is right.

The other side is wrong. Not just wrong, but stupid, pathetic, and evil. And so is everyone that is ignorant enough to believe it.

We draw such harsh lines, leaving no room for common ground. You’re with me, or you’re against me.

Is there an alternative? Where can we go to find the truth? Is there a way to get unbiased information?

There is an alternative

The alternative is not out there somewhere. It’s not on any TV show or news outlet. It’s not on any talk radio or even available from your family or friends.

Take your hand and put in over your heart.

That’s where it is.

It’s available to all of us when we listen.

You can call it your gut or your intuition. It’s what you know to be right and true. It might not match up with anything you hear, but that does not make is less right.

We’re not alone. We are all connected to the universe, and the universe has access to so much more than we imagine. You can access the universe from inside.

So, come back inside and feel what is true. Use knowing and feeling, not thinking and logic. You can feel what’s right and what’s wrong. Trust yourself. Your gut knows.

Everyone is entitled to their option. You don’t need to convince anyone or be convinced by others. Each of us can have our own beliefs and our own truth.

If you feel overwhelmed, relax. Take a deep breath, put your hand over your heart, and listen. Listen to what you feel. Listen to what you know is right. Know and trust your truth.