Lately, I’ve been thinking about how energy flows. I’m not talking about the energy to power lights or cars. I’m talking about the much more powerful and ever-present energy of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings – the energy that powers the Universe.

Every once in a while, I get a sense of this energy. Like when I look at the spring flowers bursting forth, children running around at play, or I see young lovers looking into each other’s eyes as if the world revolves around only them.

I get a sense of joy and infinite possibilities. I see how magical life is. I can feel the energy as it effortlessly flows through me. There is a natural flow, as the energy comes to me, I accept it, and offer it back to the Universe.

This is the type of happiness and contentment I strive for.

But alas, at times, I get in my own way. I create resistance. The resistance impedes the flow of energy. The energy no longer flows effortlessly. It gets stuck, and when it does, it shows up as pain, illness, difficult people or challenging events.

The resistance comes in many ways. Judgment is a common one for me. Judging myself, judging others, or commenting on how I don’t have or didn’t get what I wanted, are ways I create resistance.

Over the years, I’ve chipped away at my resistance. Little by little, I’ve recognized and released pockets of anger, guilt, and judgment. I do this by identifying the person or event at the source and practice accepting.

Accepting means whatever happened, happened, and while it might not have been what you wanted, it does not mean it was wrong. Forgiving is not the same thing as accepting. Forgiving implies you were wronged and keeps energy on what you are forgiving.

As we go through life, there are many times when the energy of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings flows freely. When you feel blockage and resistance, release judgment and practice accepting.