This weekend my husband and I went to a book festival. Earlier this year he self published an important book about how critical your thoughts are to your everyday life. It is based on some powerful experiences we’ve had the last several years.

The visit to the book festival was to begin to understand what happens in the writing, publishing and book world. It felt similar to trying to understand the startup world 14 years ago when we decided to start a company. I’ve lived by the concept, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” to jump in and experience the world as others do.

Sometimes I do a better job than others, but I’ve gained so much from an experience perspective, that I hope to be a better citizen of the world. This cancer blog was one of those experiences.

‘What? Write about something as personal as cancer and put down what you really think and publish it on social media for everyone to read? Possibly be heckled and trolled by someone behind a computer screen? What? Have you lost your modesty and perspective, Beth??’

Well, I have gained so much from everyone, so it would have been my loss to not have engaged as I did.

This new journey seems a bit tame compared to the startup journey, but then I am a bit older and very much wiser!!