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Can You Be Happier?

Can you be happier?

It sounds a little rhetorical. You say, of course, I can be happier. Who couldn’t be happier? Especially since we know happiness is not based on a random scale, but on how often you feel happy.

Is it worth any extra effort to be happier? For sure. There are plenty of studies that show happier people are more productive, healthier, contribute more and are better financially. Plus it just feels better to live a happier life.

So, I’ll assume your answer is YES!

You can and want to be happier.

Then the question is how to be happier. The simple answer is you can choose to be happier.

That sounds so simple and straightforward, but it is the truth. We will spend the next set of posts exploring why that simple answer is true.

We’re not suggesting that you should be happy every moment of the day. You can be, and that can be your goal, but what we’re talking about is giving you tools to increase the amount of time you are happy. No matter how often you’re happy, you can always increase it, and that is our goal.

Is having fun the same as being happy? If you are having fun right now, you are most certainly are happy right now. You could be in the middle of a crisis at work or at home, but that does not diminish your happiness one bit.

We are not saying you should be happy all the time. Our lives have all kinds of challenges (how boring it would be without them)

How can you be happier? You can be happier if you are happy more often than not and you can be happier if you look into the future and see more happiness to come. How about if you look into your past and see more happiness there as well?

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