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4 Steps To Creating Your Desire

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When was the last time you thought about something you wanted? Was it just a few minutes ago? Maybe you were asking the car in front of you during your commute to get out of the way. Maybe it was for a raise at work. My point is, you ask for things all the time.

When you decide you want something, you naturally think about how to get it. If it’s something really big for you, the ‘how’ question often goes into the thought category of ‘impossible to attain.’

Once it gets filed into the ‘impossible’ category, then the next thoughts migrate into ‘it will never happen’; ‘it’s impossible to achieve’ and the list goes on.

This is the point when you can begin to change your future!

1. As soon as you begin to question yourself and your ability to go for something, especially something really big, stop yourself.

2. Pause your thinking and let go.

3. Breathe.

4. Now begin to imagine that what you want has already occurred. Stay with this thought and refer to it as frequently as you need to keep yourself from heading into the ‘impossible’ category.

5. Don’t limit your expectations of how it could happen. Be open, even explore fun ways it could occur. Here is where you can play with silly ways the universe can deliver what you want and create some joy at the same time.

It takes practice to do, but it’s crucial to help you to achieve what you want.

It has taken me several years of working on my thinking to not automatically head down the rabbit hole of impossibility. It still happens, but not as frequently. I’ve learned it’s easier to start with smaller ‘asks.’ When I have successes with the smaller ‘asks’ it gives me confidence and I can go back and revisit my thinking to understand how I achieved my desire.

I’ve also found these smaller successes to be helpful when I have a ‘big ask’. I find my limiting beliefs start to show up when my ask gets bigger. Beliefs like ‘you’re not good enough,’ ‘you’re not educated enough,’ ‘you’re not experienced enough,’ and the list goes on and on.

We all have beliefs that limit our ability to achieve something we want, but in taking time to pause your thoughts and imagine having the experience you want, you limit the impact of the negative beliefs.

By using these steps, you can frequently avoid heading down the rabbit hole of ‘impossibility.’ In addition, you don’t reinforce the negative beliefs you have about achieving what you want.

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