Do you look for ways to offer appreciation?

Offering appreciation, even going out of your way to do it, is a magical way to transform yourself and what’s around you. It can even make you happier. It’s worth the little to no effort it requires.

I can’t say enough about appreciation. Appreciation, thankfulness, gratitude; they are such powerful emotional tools.

Our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings drive everything we experience. Just like being happy more of the time makes everything in our life better, the same is with appreciation.

There are millions of reasons to offer appreciation, but I’ve chosen three to share with you today. Check out our blog or Instagram to see more.

Reason #1 – When you offer appreciation it’s easier to smile

If you are in a grumpy mood it’s no fun to smile – it’s darn hard too. I know if I glance in the mirror, I will see the grumpiness in the downward turn of my lips. I don’t need to smile all the time, but I sure like it when I do.

Saying or thinking something nice gives me a little bit of a smile. My lips go from downward to upward, or at least neutral. Just that tiny bit of change is reflected in the rest of my face and my entire body as well.

There are many reasons to smile. You feel better, you look better and it changes your body chemistry. Smiling is great for you.

Reason #2 – When you offer appreciation, time will change

The other day I was stuck in traffic. We’ve all been there. You’re running a little late and it seems that every time you change lanes, every other lane moves faster. Argh.

That is when you can apply appreciation. You can find something you like about your current situation. Maybe you have nice music to listen to. Maybe the sky is pretty. Maybe the cars around you are newly washed.

On the other hand, if things are going to fast for you. Stopping to smell the roses, can actually help you dial things back. The other day, I looked down at my watch and realized I had 10 minutes to make an appointment 20 minutes away. Just a few minutes ago, I had plenty of time. Now, I need to rush.

But instead of rushing, I chose to pause and enjoy the journey. I looked around and smiled. Low and behold, as I walked in to my appointment, they were there smiling and waiting for me. Just in time.

Which brings me to the third reason.

Reason #3 – When you offer appreciation, those around you will brighten up

It may sound crazy, but I’ve seen it happen so many times. When I walk into a room with a smile, everyone seems to smile back. I offer appreciation for being there and seeing them and they shine it right back to me.

When I appreciate what is around me, it’s hard to be snarky or critical and that brightens the room for everyone. Bring in a little joy and gratitude, and watch how the mood of everyone else is just slightly elevated. As you bring in that energy, others will join you or go their own way.

The nice thing about appreciation is it grows and is contagious. Even if you are in a funk or a cranky mood, you can find some little thing to appreciate. There is always something to appreciate. Life can be falling apart all around you, but if you took a break from living the disaster, you’d realize that you can still breathe or you can still see or you can still talk. There are things you can do and you can appreciate them.

You could even just appreciate what is around you. If you are stuck in traffic, you could appreciate the color or the design of the car you’ve been sitting behind forever. If you are in the hospital, you can appreciate the cleanliness or efficiency of the staff.

The important point is there is always, always something to appreciate. Once you’ve realized that appreciation is possible, you can just add on more.

Appreciation can only lead to more happiness. Appreciation sets the whole mind and body in alignment with getting more of what you want. If you appreciate something, it feels good. Feeling good brings more feeling good.

These are just three reasons. I’d appreciate hearing from you – why do you offer appreciation?