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Remove Resistance To Achieve What You Want

The other night I woke up with a pit at the bottom of my stomach. I couldn’t decipher what was causing it, but there was no way I was going back to sleep until I figured out.

Instead of sleep, I decided to get up and start writing, just like I did a year ago when I found out I had cancer. Only this time it wasn’t a potential life and death situation.

Peter and I talk about keeping our focus only 200 ft in front of us and letting go of the rest. We practice allowing the universe to take on the ‘how.’

It is fundamental to let go of your resistance to enlist the universe in a way that supports what you want.

Throughout the day we make lots of choices, some bigger than others. However, when you reach a point of significant consternation, stomach acid and irritability, you have accumulated a bunch of resistance. You are trying to tell yourself to pay attention to something.

That’s what happened to me. Over time I built up resistance to part of a project, and suddenly my intuition was telling me to pay attention. I couldn’t ignore the resistance anymore.

As I started to write down my thoughts, various beliefs and the strong feelings I was having in the moment, I struggled to understand what was coming to the surface and bothering me. I couldn’t find any beliefs that were related to the project, but I recognized after looking through my disjointed notes there were a couple aspects that didn’t make any sense to me.

I started a conversation with myself and later with a friend about my conflicting thoughts. When I let my feelings flow unencumbered, I began to feel better. I knew I found the problem when I noticed the ball in the pit of my stomach was gone.

Resistance shows up in many ways, but it often appears in the form of feelings that don’t align with what you’re trying to achieve. Next time you experience feelings that don’t seem to match with what you expect, take the time to explore why you’re feeling that way.

Remove the resistance so the universe can deliver what you want.

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