The Resilience of Nature

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Observations, Peter's Voice

With all the fear and worry being broadcast, Beth and I thought that now would be a great time to remind ourselves how resilient we are.

If you’ve spent any time in nature, you know how resilient it is. Nature has a way of adapting. It can work around almost any challenge and thrive. It seems to have infinite options available and knows how to deal with any obstacle in its way, just like the picture above where the tree slowly made its way around the chain-link fence.

Even when we do our best to destroy it, nature finds a way. It might take time, and it might not come back the same way, but it will ultimately survive and eventually thrive.

You are part of nature

Despite all of our technology and other comforts, we are simply creatures, a part of nature if you will, walking around on this big beautiful planet. We breathe, eat, sleep, and do so many activities, just like other creatures in the world. Our cells are similar to those of other animals and even some plants. The molecules that make up our bodies are shared with many other parts of nature.

As part of nature, you too are resilient. Each of us can grow and adapt. As individuals and as groups, we will survive and even thrive again.

Right now, some might be worrying about the future – maybe even envisioning worst-case scenarios. Now is not the time to worry. Now is the time to remind ourselves of how resilient we are and remember that we’ve made it through difficult times before.

To help remind us of our resilience, remember to get out in nature. Even with the stay at home orders, exercise is encouraged. And, the marvelous thing about nature is it is found in so many spaces. Paying attention to the grass growing out of the cracks in the sidewalk is enough to remind us how miraculous nature is.

You are simply another extension of nature and can adapt, survive, and thrive, even in these challenging times.

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