What You Do Matters [It’s More Obvious Now]

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Observations, Peter's Voice

We’re living in unique times. Never before have we had an international event take place on such a scale with the ability for so many to share in the experience through social media.

Someone made the observation the other day that the action of the individual is crucial to minimizing the spread of the virus. Our individual actions directly impact the likelihood of us becoming infected, and if we are infected, our actions directly impact our ability to infect others.

Each of us can choose to wash our hands and cover our cough. Every individual can choose to self-isolate or continue socializing in groups. We all get to choose.

So much power is in the hands of each individual. Every person makes choices, and with the virus, we can see the results in short order.

At the same time, our individual actions have huge impacts on society. It takes just one person who carries the virus to potentially infect an entire community.

This is how it works all the time; it’s just more apparent now. Each of us is responsible for ourselves. We can listen to others, but it’s up to us what we choose to do.

While sometimes we think what we do doesn’t matter, at times like this, it becomes very obvious that each of us has a massive impact on the entire world.

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