Your Mindset is Everything

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

We have just a couple of days until the new year gets here, so how do you look forward when so much is different than in past years?

Anticipating a new year is something that has become an annual event for many of us. Before the year starts, we go through and look at what happened in the previous 12 months. Some events were wonderful and there were probably things that we may have hoped for a different outcome.

Regardless of how the past year went for you, it’s the mindset you take into the new year that counts. How you think about yourself first and foremost, is where you start.

A simple framework to use each and every day is to watch your thinking. Be the fly on the wall in your own head and observe your thinking. How do you talk about yourself? Do you generally take a positive view or do you berate yourself? Do you look for the opportunity that’s available to you moment to moment? Or do you look at the downside regularly?

Just taking the time to watch how you think about yourself is the most basic step you can take to move forward this next year. It’s helpful to notice, as a disinterested third party, trends in your thinking. Do you generally see things from a perspective of imagining the possibilities or do you habitually look at all you have to lose in each situation you find yourself?

Understanding your current mindset is the most important place to start the new year. It gives you the best starting position to set yourself up for an amazing, interesting, and fulfilling new year.

You can choose how you think about yourself, but it starts with an understanding of you and how you view yourself today.

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