What Chapter are You On?

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Observations, Peter's Voice

When Beth and I think about all the twists and turns we’ve taken in our lives, we break it down into different chapters.

If we think of our life as one long book, it’s made up of a bunch of chapters of various lengths. Some are short and intense; others are longer and somewhat boring.

One of our chapters was when we were getting started in our careers and were working in big companies. Things were new, and we were trying to figure out our way amongst the politics of corporate America. Working for a large organization had its benefits, but we knew our futures were tied to the success of the company.

Contrast that to when we embarked on the chapter of jumping into entrepreneurship. It was an exciting time as we were free from the oversight of bosses and corporate norms, but it was scary too. We had to learn how to call the shots and make so many decisions.

What makes up a life chapter?

It’s a combination of things like focus, mindset, expectations, and, most importantly, energy.

Each chapter feels different. What you want to do and how you live are not the same.

You can be thrust into a new chapter when significant changes happen. Losing a family member, changing jobs (intentionally or not), realizing you’ve changed your life’s priorities are all disrupters that can start a new chapter in your life.

Sometimes we can adjust and capitalize on the disruption. Other times, it can feel like it’s too much to take. These Corona Times are causing chaos for everyone worldwide, and many of us are now starting a new chapter in our life.

Will you let the disruption determine what happens to you, or will you adjust your perspective to take advantage of all the opportunities?

This is a great time to step back from everything, if you haven’t already, to re-evaluate what you want in life and intentionally choose your next chapter!

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