How Do You Prioritize?

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Experiences, Peter's Voice

We can’t do everything at the same time. We have to choose what we want to focus on and how we want to prioritize our attention. When we are at work, we prioritize things differently than when we are on vacation. When we are getting ready for bed, we have a completely different focus than when we wake up.

We get to choose what we want to prioritize, but sometimes it does not feel that way.

Sometimes we let others choose for us. They set the agenda and tell us what we are supposed to do with our time.

When we are in a meeting, we are supposed to focus on the topic and the attendees. The same is true when we are spending time with our family; they might demand our attention and expect us to focus on them. We become followers, letting someone else choose where we spend our time and energy.

Another way we lose our ability to prioritize is when we shift into autopilot. We don’t realize what we are doing; we just go along using a recurring pattern of thoughts and expectations.

One of the goals of You Can Choose is to encourage everyone to make their own choices. To help people recognize the incredible power of their choice and to express it. The more often you intentionally choose, the more powerful you feel and the more often you will get what you want.

If we don’t know what we want or we don’t prioritize our attention and focus our actions on getting it, we are more than likely to remain where we are.

It’s a simple formula, and many successful people practice it every day. They are clear on what they want and focus their mental and physical energy on it.

For all of us, it starts with paying attention to what we think about. The small, micro thoughts, and micro choices we make every moment each day add up to the experience we have.

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