You Are Not Your Beliefs

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Experiences, Observations, Peter's Voice

As you get dressed for your day, you go through your closet and choose your shoes, shirt, pants, and the other parts of your outfit.

Depending on what you have planned for the day, you choose your clothing to match. Going out for a hike will be very different than going to the office (at least that was the case before COVID).

When you look in the mirror, you see yourself and your clothes. You don’t confuse what you are wearing with who you are. You know you can easily swap out your top for one better suited for you.

Beliefs are the same way. We live with our beliefs, but they are not us. We can – if we choose – change them. We’ve accumulated what we believe over all the adventures and experiences of our lifetime. Some we don’t remember picking up. But they’re there just the same.

Beliefs are like rules. They are agreements we’ve made with ourselves to make living easier. They allow us to deal with what is in front of us without spending time re-learning every situation we find ourselves in.

Our set of beliefs is like a handbook we established many years ago that regulates what we think we should and should not do. We developed many of the rules with our families before we knew we were adding them to our handbook.

Like our closets and drawers that we’ve filled with clothes we’re comfortable with, our handbook is filled with beliefs we are comfortable in. We slowly accumulated our entire wardrobe over time and it’s the same with our beliefs.

Disruption in the world today is causing many of us to take a closer look at what we believe

When we do, we are beginning to question some of our long-held beliefs. We are asking questions about the truths we’ve held onto for so long. Historical figures and events that were once celebrated are now being questioned – with their statues toppled and impact challenged.

While other figures and events are looked at with respect and honor as we begin to shift our perspective, learn more, and start questioning some of our beliefs.

Just like we have the choice to change our clothes, we can change our beliefs

Like our clothes, we don’t have to throw out our entire wardrobe; we can look at each one individually and see if it still fits with who we are and want to become.

Changing beliefs can be scary

It is important to remember that beliefs are not who we are. Beliefs are rules we impose upon ourselves and others. We created these rules in the past and we can choose to change them if they no longer fit.

-- Next week we'll discuss ways to change beliefs that no longer fit.  --


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