You Are Exactly Where You Should Be

by | May 30, 2022 | Observations, Peter's Voice

You are exactly where you should be.

That seems to conflict with what we’re told. Why on earth would you choose to be where you are now?

When you look at ‘successful’ people, I’m guessing you think they are living larger and more abundantly than you are. Their lives seem so much easier. Maybe you’re doing something wrong.

Do you think back to all the things you woulda, coulda, shoulda done? You might be thinking you would certainly be in a better place if you had done something differently.

But that thinking is based on judgment. You are looking at things as right or wrong; better or worse; good or bad. The Universe doesn’t have the same view of your life.

If instead, you look at where you are as a result of your ongoing thoughts, beliefs, and feelings – and the choices you made to express them – you can begin to see you are exactly where you are supposed to be because you are responsible for all you’ve done. No one else is.

Saying you are where you should be, means that you can take responsibility for all the big and little things that got you here. Nothing happened to you. Your situation is not a mistake or accident, but a direct result of choices you’ve made.

Of course, when we talk about YOU, we mean the Whole You

You might not like everything you’ve experienced, but since you experienced it, you are responsible for it happening. Each and everything that has happened in your life is because of you.

This can be a painful thought when experiencing things we consider bad, painful, or evil.

You can always make other choices that will result in alternative experiences. As we love to say, You Can Choose.

Taking ownership is difficult, but it is the only way to realize you are exactly where you should be – because that is where you are now.

If you’re not happy, you have each and every moment going forward to evaluate your thoughts and beliefs. This effort in turn begins to impact your feelings, and that impacts the kinds of people and events that show up for you. It is definitely worth your time.

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