What Looks Impossible Isn’t

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Experiences, Peter's Voice

The other night on TV I witnessed the impossible.

America’s Got Talent is an American TV show that showcases artists performances. The judges and audience vote, and at the end of the season, someone wins.

The winner this year was Kodi Lee. Kodi is blind and autistic. During his final performance, he was on stage with Leona Lewis . Leona is a three-time Grammy Nominee, an actress, and model.

Seeing Kodi Lee and Leona Lewis on stage together was spellbinding.

As I watched the performance, I looked over to Beth and asked, “Can you imagine those two hanging out together in high school?”

When I was growing up, kids like them wouldn’t have spent any time together at my high school. There were lines between the cool kids and the not so cool kids. I fit between different groups, and could never imagine the most popular girl in school hanging out with those far less popular.

Since then, who is cool has changed. The audio-visual guys and other nerds are now plenty cool. And in some places, the artists and creatives are accepted as well.

When we get stressed or like in high school when we are trying to figure out who we are, we get distracted. We worry about appearances – those of others and our own.

It’s been said that life is like high school, but it does not have to be the case. As we get older, we can see things differently. It’s also refreshing to see children today embrace their differences. What were once clear lines between cool and not cool is now a bit fuzzy.

Kodi’s life is a fantastic example of breaking down old ways of looking at things. People are people, and the more closely we look at each other, the more beauty we can see and appreciate in others. And, we can marvel at the impossible.

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