What is Knowing?

There are three levels of certainty. With each level of certainty, you increase the energy, the emotions, and the place from which the energy comes. With increasing levels of certainty, your confidence to create what you want goes up.

The more certain you are of something, the more likely that something is or will be true.

The first level is wanting. At the wanting level is hope and wishes. It’s fun to want, but wanting is rarely powerful enough to deliver. You can think of it as a light breeze. It can flitter a few leaves, but barely moving the object of your desire toward you.

The second level is believing. With believing, you usually have evidence that something is true, maybe you heard it from someone you believe. At this level, the energy is stronger, the wind is blowing strong, and whole branches are swinging. With strong feelings behind beliefs, you can achieve great things.

The highest level is knowing. When you know, you don’t think to question. This is where we spend most of our life. We know that when we reach for an unlocked door and pull, it will open. We don’t hope it will. We know it will.

The power of knowing works in our favor and can work against us. Reaching the knowing when you’ve started at the wanting level is a very empowering position to be in as you intentionally create your life.