We Are Conditioned to Fear

Many of us approach life based on fear.

We lock the doors for fear of a robbery or invasion. We buy insurance for fear of illness or accident. We work hard to save money for a rainy day, so we don’t end up poor and on the streets. We have so much fear that we don’t even notice it.

Fear is a constrictor. It limits our ability to see and paralyzes us from action. It cuts off options and blinds us to possibilities. With fear as our guide, the world is a scary place.

When we see the world through a filter of fear, we justify each of our preventative steps and validate our fears through the people and events we attract.

Yes, there are legitimate things to avoid, but much of what we fear is created in our thoughts and imagination. We fear what might happen or what others think of us.

We bring more of what we fear into our life when we are fearful.