Like Actors in a Play

Do you wonder why our Greater-Self doesn’t just reach out to remind us how wonderful we are? Remind us that we are these wonderfully supported beings with no cause to worry? Regularly tell us we are always safe?

Our life is for learning and growing. We live in a world where each of us can experience and explore our creativity. We couldn’t if we carried all our combined experiences and memories with us. By focusing on our Active-Self, we are present for the challenges we want to experience.

We are like actors on the stage. As actors, we are totally immersed in the expression of our character.

When we are on stage, we know we are actors. We know the set is not real. If in the play we die or fall in love, we really won’t be dead or in love. But for the duration of the play, it is real.

Actors don’t need someone in the audience to tell them they are in a play.

In life, we are the actors, and we get to improvise at life. Our Greater-self doesn’t want to ruin the experiences we want in life by reminding us we’re just in a play.