Thanks for the Experience!

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Experiences, Peter and Beth

Thanks for the Experience! I bet that’s not a phrase you’ve often said.

I said it to myself after slipping and falling to the ground. After I said, “Ouch!!?#”

We often judge an experience on the outcome. Was it successful or a failure – good or bad?

Only rarely do we see the experience as the important part and the result as just another experience.

The definition of success or failure is subjective. With our limited viewpoint, we often see critical stepping stones and valuable lessons as failures.

It sometimes takes us years to realize a “failure” was actually a “success” for what we learned and how we changed as a result.

If we look at each moment as important, it’s the experience that matters. It’s the doing that counts. Each step along the journey is equal to the step across the finish line we’ve created for ourselves.

Most of us have a ‘to do’ list of things we want or need to do. When you look at that list, try to focus on doing what’s on the list, NOT on just doing what you need to check it off your list.

Being in the moment while doing will give you as much, if not more, satisfaction as completing the task. It also means you gain value, experience, and perspective that you’ll miss if you’re only half present.

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