Post-Pandemic Spring Renewal

by | May 4, 2021 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

Yes, everyone writes about how spring is the time to emerge from the darkness of winter and start a new life…yada, yada, yada!

Guess what – they’re right – spring is the time to dust off the thoughts you set aside about how you were going to turn over a new leaf, start a new project, do something for yourself…!

This year is a particularly interesting time to do a reset post-Covid.

I remember last year thinking about how this pandemic is forcing all of us to revisit assumptions we’ve made about almost everything in our lives. Some people have made decisions to move to a new place, start new adventures, and change jobs or careers altogether. There is change everywhere and we’re all navigating it together.

The beauty of spring is it always comes. Each year the world gets a chance to renew. It builds on what was there last year, but some of what was around before does not make it through the winter.

There are plenty of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings we had last year – and pre COVID – that we’d like to discard and replace. Now – this spring – is the time to do it.

Some people see this period as a way to reset various aspects of our lives, the way we live and work in the world, and to revisit our recent past (14 months ago) to see what changes we could keep or maybe go back to the way we did something before. Either way, there is a whole lot of change going on whether you want it or not.

Because at You Can Choose we’re always asking people to focus on the future that they want, I’ll ask you what do you want from all the changes that will come with this new spring? This is your chance to reimagine your life with intentionality and purpose – the benefit of a year in isolation.

If you don’t ask yourself what you want, you are missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and grow at the same time so many other people are asking the very same question. If so many of us are asking the same questions, then there is even more energy focused on bringing in some powerful changes throughout the world.

With this level of energy focused on making change, wouldn’t you like to be part of the movement and pick up some of that springtime change to propel yourself forward?

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