Intentionality Changes Everything

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

Every day we wake up with a new day in front of us.

How often do you look at the day ahead and think “I get to do what I want today, how exciting!”

Not many of you I bet. In fact, I’m sure a number of you have already run through all the reasons you can’t do what you want!

This is a problem so many people don’t understand. Every moment of every day you get to choose what you want to do and then do it. Yes, there are the things we need to do every day for work, family, or others, but each of us gets to choose many elements of those larger responsibilities.

We’ve written here many times about how living an abundant life is in the moment-by-moment choices you make each day. All those small choices add up to make the day one you intentionally chose to live or one that feels like the tail wagging the dog.

So, I’m going to put a challenge out there for you: For one hour each day, examine each of those little choices you make. It takes focus and to consciously be present, but when you do it, you really begin to understand how powerful intentionality is and how to stay focused on what you want.

After doing this for a week, you will begin to develop the small habits that eventually start you on a path to living intentionally and abundantly.

And when you forget or get distracted – just start again. There are no demerits for starting over, in fact, you should give yourself points for trying again and again. This is how you take the small steps and build to live your life intentionally.

Ready, set, go….and live intentionally!!!

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