People Can Represent an Issue for You

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

Have you ever found yourself always feeling frustrated when you’re around someone? It doesn’t matter what they say or do, it upsets you just the same.

I found myself there this last week with someone close to me. It was frustrating because I had lots of emotion, but it wasn’t necessarily directed to them, but it only happened when I was around them. I started to think that maybe it’s not them that’s frustrating to me, but what they represent to me that is bothersome.

On a bike ride today, I realized that person represented many different situations I found myself in while I was working in large companies. The issue isn’t relevant, but the fact that a person could embody a type of experience that was fairly common for me was what I found interesting.

When I got home from my bicycle ride, I began to think about the work I did with myself several years ago when I began my ‘closet cleaning’, which was the work I started when I realized how important my thinking was to the life I was leading.

I really paid attention to my feelings when I thought about my past experiences. It was then that I realized the person I was experiencing frustration with (for no apparent reason) represented all this past history. I then thought about what tools I had learned to help me work through the frustration. Tapping or EFT was the tool I used to work through my feelings.

Recognizing my feelings when I was in similar situations was key to beginning to understand the root of my challenges. It was only then that I began to figure out why I was feeling what I was feeling.

I am now back on track and this challenge should be in my rearview mirror soon!

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