I Needed $50 – in Cash, Right Away

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Experiences, Peter's Voice

On the last day of my recent trip to Mexico, I needed fifty dollars in cash for an unexpected expense. I had my credit cards, so it wasn’t like I was stranded, but I had to come up with the cash before I left for the airport.

I had twenty-five dollars left that I knew I needed to get to the airport. I made arrangements the day before for Pedro to pick me up and he only takes cash, so the $25 in my pocket was for my ride to the airport.

I thought about using an ATM, but the only one around was one of those non-affiliated machines in the back of a tiny restaurant. I had no idea what the fees would be from the machine, plus I’m sure my bank back in California would add a few fees, and I didn’t know what their dollar to peso conversion was.

So instead, I let go. I thought we’ll see what happens.

I went to check out from the hotel. As I handed in my key, the clerk handed me an envelope. In it was the $25 in cash I used as a security deposit. I’d forgotten all about it.

Cool, I thought. Let’s stay in the flow.

As the time I was set to leave approached, I texted Pedro to make sure he was on the way to pick me up. Crickets. He didn’t respond. Not unusual, a local told me. If they get a better offer, they are probably out doing that.

So, I opted for plan B and requested an Uber ride. To my surprise, it was about the same price as the fair I set up with Pedro.

Which meant the $25 in my pocket was now available. Instantly, I had the other half of the $50 that I needed. I was set!

As I sat in the back of the car on the way to the airport, I thought about how quickly and effortlessly the money came together.

No worry, no drama, and no work on my part. It just showed up. Letting go made it happen – not my effort. Sure, the money was there all the time, and it all makes sense in hindsight. But, it just as easily could have gone another way.

But, it didn’t. It went my way, just for me.

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